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John Wilkins Cars - Press Release The 39 Steps

The 39 steps… John Buchan described his novel, The Thirty-nine Steps as a “shocker”, as an adventure where the events in the story are unlikely and the reader is only just able to believe they really happened. Well, shocked is how Robin Williams, of International Motors felt when we was asked to meet the customer who was taking delivery of his 39th New Subaru at John Wilkins Cars in Cheltenham. Dealer Principal, Stephen Wilkins and David Allistone, General Manager handed over the keys to a new, gleaming, Silver Subaru XV CVT to their extra-ordinary new customer, Mr Ian Garnish who then said, “Gentlemen, you realise this is my 39th New Subaru!” The 39th New Subaru If ever there was a man with a passion it must be Mr Garnish who is the very welcome new customer of IM Group’s newly appointed Subaru Dealer in Cheltenham, John Wilkins Cars. The dealership is in their 57th year so they know a thing or two about customer service and appreciate customer loyalty. Dealer Principal, Stephen Wilkins was astonished to hear of this incredible track record of customer loyalty to the brand and suggested that “this may very well constitute a record”. So, what ignited this passion? “Back in the early 1990’s”, recalls Ian, “I was chairman of a group of engineering companies based in South Wales. At the time I was living at Wotton-Under-Edge, so I had a long and regular commute. For much of the time my regular company car was fine covering the mileage, but when the weather was bad things could be very different. Anyone who has been to the area around Wotton will know how hilly that part of Gloucestershire is, and the drive up to the house I was living in then was on a gradient of 1 in 4! Many was the time when snow and ice made it impossible to get out. I took it as a moral obligation to get into my office and being stranded at home became very frustrating. People I knew also swore by Subaru as an outstanding four wheel drive, all-weather car, and so I bought my first one – a 5-door Impreza – mainly for my wife to use but which I could take when the weather turned bad. It was a revelation – I enjoyed driving it so much that I began to clash with my wife and at that point I knew I had to buy my own!” 2 Ian continues, ”…but it’s the curse of the engineer in me. Subaru always comes up with such elegant solutions to engineering problems; they are also rather quirky and you see far fewer of them on the road than other makes. All that appeals to me but they are also incredibly reliable – I have never had to so much as change a light bulb in any of the Subarus I have owned and I have lost count of the number of times they have got me out of trouble. Over the last few hard winters I have been able to rescue people who couldn’t get out of their homes. Subaru is a passion, or as my wife puts it “my little problem!” Ian commented “I’d like to personally thank you for an enjoyable purchase experience and if you treat all your customers like that, you will continue to do well.” In the novel, had Richard Hannay been driving a Subaru All-Wheel Drive vehicle whilst being pursued by an aeroplane and police on the remote Scottish moors, perhaps the Thirty Nine Steps would not have been described by its author as a “shocker” after all… Ends. For more information contact: Stephen Wilkins MIMI, Dealer Principal, John Wilkins Cars, 170 Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham, GL53 0AA. Tel: 01242 224477

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